COSTUME DESIGN FOR 'ZiZ - BACK TO THE FUTURE' (2017) BY 'NEUE DRINGLICHKEIT'// Installation Artwork and Lecture Performance Gessnerallee Theatre, Zurich (CH) / "If sci-fi writers of the 1970s were to see what’s happening today in 2017, they would be doubly disappointed. Neither aesthetically nor socially can the present compete with the former future: there are no flying cars, no androids, nor cities on Mars and diseases, inequalities as well as armed conflicts are still rampant. Technological and societal progress has taken the wrong turn. We need to go 'Back to the Future'."  / Interactive costumes, including wearables with gesture control. Made of Silicone, Latex, Shape Memory Alloy and Textile. / Hardware, Programming and Interaction Design: Raul Quesada Navarro, Ahmed AlsharifMore about it here >