A collaborative project between Prisca Vilsbøl and Dagmar Kestner. 'By looking at weaving techniques that allow flexibility, in an otherwise weighty and flat medium, we designed a piece in which the warp threads become apparent, to function as flexible 'cracks', between the woven 'panels'. These cracks are positioned to fall into a sculptural shape, when draping the piece around the body. The same idea is applied to the concept of the 'trompe l'oeil' drapes, and the motif is calculated and positioned to fit the final shape. While the draped imagery seems random in the flat tapestry, it comes to sense when the panels intersect and drape into a into seemingly fluid silhouette around the body.' / Winner of 'Aubusson Tisse la Mode' 2015 The piece will be introduced to the permanent exhibition at Cité internationale de la tapisserie d' Aubusson in Autumn 2018.