LIBRAMEN FORMA - winner of the 2nd prize of the  'Aubusson Tisse la Mode' competition 2015 // A collaborative project between Prisca Vilsbøl and Dagmar Kestner about combining the worlds of fashion and tapestry. We approached this task by looking for tapestry techniques that allow for flexibility and shape in an otherwise rather weighty and flat medium. We countered this paradox by working with 'cracks' in the weave, where the warp threads become apparent, and give flexibility between the woven 'panels'. / These 'cracks' are carefully positioned on the tapestry in expectation of the body which will fill it, and fall into place when the garment is assembled. / The same idea is applied to the concept of 'trompe l'oeil' drapes. The motif is calculated and positioned to fit the final shape. While the draped imagery seems random in the flat tapestry, it comes to life and sense when the body comes into play. Panels intersect, and the illusionary folds and pleats suddenly match, creating a fluid silhouette even where neither the material nor the construction allow it. / The relation between drape as a classic method of pattern construction, and drape as a traditional imagery element of ancient tapestry, allowed us to take both worlds into joint consideration, and carry the same concept throughout each layer of the process. // More about it here Cité internationale de la tapisserie de Aubusson