Into Smithereens is an artwork conceptualising the connection in between garments, accessory and body and suggests an alternative way to the use of leather. The built pieces are made by an approach to develop the decorative technique of Cavandoli Macramé, into a constructivist method. The result is a series of shapes, hybridizing pattern-cutting with three-dimensional knotting, tying and weaving techniques. Shapes and silhouettes are formed by the interplay of movement in between body and dress, creating architectural shapes and almost topographical heights & depths. The incorporated, spatial constructions offer features for suspending and merging arms and hair into the garments, allowing body and garment to intertwine. / All garments are handcrafted, each leather band hand-cut and every knot hand-tied. / Installation view, Spring exhibition 2014 Kunsthal Charlottenborg, DK (Photography: Marc Fluri) / Photography: Mikkel Bo / Kindly sponsored by C.A. Cornish and Bodin Joyeux