The German-Romanian designer/artist Dagmar Kestner is based in Copenhagen and Berlin.
Since graduating in 2013 from the London College of Fashion (MA Fashion Artefact), she works freelance for various companies, and collaborates with designers from different fields, alongside to developing her own practice at the intersection of fashion, textile and sculpture.

By enhancing traditional weaving and knotting techniques as Macramé and Cavandoli, she develops sculptural leather-objects, and showpieces, that are being showcased at international exhibitions, galleries, and museums, and are used for stage-performances and videos.

Next to the project based works, Dagmar is creating and developing commercial pieces in limited edition under the acronym ‘989’ (989bydk.com). These are primarily made from the production remnants, of luxury leather goods manufacturers in Transylvania, her place of origin. The creative business proposal for ‘989′, was in 2013 granted with the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprises.

Dagmar is always interested in new interdisciplinary projects & collaborations.

~ 15th February 2018 : Talk/lecture at Madrid Design Festival 2018
~ 2018 : Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie / Musee de la Tapisserie Aubusson (FR) ‚ Tapestry Collaboration x Prisca Vilsbøl
June 2017 :  Participation @ECCO Hotshop, Three-day leather workshop by ECCO, Dongen (NL)
June 2017 : Costume design for ‘ZIZ – Back to the Future’ by ‘Neue Dringlichkeit’ @ Node17 (DE)
June 2017 : Costume design for ‘ZIZ – Back to the Future’ by Neue Dringlichkeit @ Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zurich (CH)
March 2017: Material sample exhibition of the costumes for ‘ZiZ’, at Shedhalle Zurich (CH)
January 2017: Berlin Fashion Week , Showcase of ‘Articulated Dress’ (Technolog. Enhanced Couture) at Berlin Fashion Week (DE) x Collaboration with Prisca Vilsbøl
December 2016: Man&Studio Showroom / Shoreditch Design Triangle; Pop Up Event of ‘989’, London (UK)
November 2016: Lachenmann Gallery, Konstanz (DE), Group Show
October 2016: Designblok 2016, Prague (CZ), Showcase of ‘989’ jewellery and selected, new prototypes
September 2016: Telekom Fashion Fusion ‘Articulated Dress’ – Residency Programm, Berlin (DE) x Collaboration with Prisca Vilsbøl,
September 2016: Pallermo Gallery Stuttgart (DE), Showroom ‘989’ jewellery
November 2015: Rook & Raven Gallery, London (UK), WORTH project – Collab with O&D (DK), Group show
October 2015: Designblok 2015, Prague (CZ), Showcase of ‘989’ jewellery and ‘Into Smithereens’ showpieces
January 2015: Studio Picknick, Berlin (DE), ‘Centres of Sensation’, Duo-exhibition with Alexander Iskin
December 2014: RCA London (UK), The Pineapple Show (Piñatex TM)
June 2014: Pulse, London (UK), Showcase of ‘989’ jewellery
April 2014: Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen (DK)
September 2013: RCA London (UK), Deutsche Bank Awards Showcase
July 2013: LCF London (UK), Deutsche Bank Awards Winners Showcase
April 2013: Prague Design Week (CZ), Fashion show at SFS Masarykovo Nádraží
March 2013: Victoria House, London (UK), Masters Show LCF
Dec 2012: Cordwainers 125th Anniversary, LCF Golden Lane, London (UK)

2017 / Statens Kunstfond – Work-stipend
2017 / Finalist – Fashion Fusion, Telekom Future Lab, Berlin (DE), collaboration x Prisca Vilsbøl
2016 / Statens Kunstfond – Project support for interdisciplinary collaboration with Overgaard & Dyrman (DK)
2015 – Aubusson Tisse la Mode (FR), 2nd prize, in collaboration x Prisca Vilsbøl
2015 / Worth Project (EU) – Interdisciplinary collaboration x Overgaard & Dyrman (DK) furniture (ongoing)
2013 / DBACE – Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprises, 1st prize – Fashion Category (UK)